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Waste Management

Waste has to be disposed in a proper way. The correct disposal gets even more important as soon as the site contains hazardous substances. We recommend to address the management of waste as soon as possible since you need to expect a longer preparation time until the disposal due to the analysis, declaration and consultation with diverse waste actors.

Our waste management includes the electronic procedure for waste recording and helps you to dispose your hazardous and non-hazardous waste according to the German waste law.

We show possible ways of disposal, register the amount and types of waste and develop suitable waste concepts.

Our Services Include:
  • Declaration Analyses for Waste Classification
  • Waste Concepts
  • Requesting Disposal Offers, Award Proposal
  • Disposal Reports and Documents
  • Waste Balance Sheet

About us

Founded in 1997, NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH is the leading engineering office in Berlin to examine real estate for hazardous substances. Our support ranges from the detection of contaminants to restoration planning, monitoring and waste disposal.


NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH
Goerzallee 305e, 14167 Berlin

+49 (30) 8 47 18 - 410
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