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Sample Delivery and Shipping

You can deliver your samples in person (from Monday to Friday, 08 am to 5 pm).

Alternatively, you can send the samples by mail to us (see our address below). Please pay attention to the following advices and packaging instructions:

All samples have to be labelled (date of sample taking, building project, sampling point). Please hand in an order with all information given on the right side.

Here you can download an order form.

Order Information:

  • Name and Address
  • Quotation Number (if known)
  • Contact Name, Phone
  • Invoice Address (if different)
  • Range of Analysis
  • Additional Services
  • Date and Signature

Please follow our packaging instructions:

Samples and building rubble (according to LAGA and German landfill ordinance “Deponieverordnung”) have to be delivered in 5 or 10 liter buckets. The buckets have to be closed and labelled (on the side and the cap). The buckets should be sealed by a plastic bag. Please hand in the sampling form (sampling according to LAGA PN 98) as well.

Material samples, which have to be analyzed chemically, on fibers or by SEM (scanning electron microscopy) have to be packed in two transparent plastic bags (e.g. in freezer bags) and sealed air-tight.

Material samples should be taken with clean tools and have a size of 5x5cm (plaster, drywall) or 10x10cm (wallpaper). Samples that need to be analyzed on PAH, PCB, heavy metals or dry rot should be first packed in aluminum foil and afterwards in a plastic bag. Material samples that have to be analyzed on PAH and asbestos (roofing cardboard, roof sheeting) must have a size of 10x10cm and should also be packed in aluminum foil and a bag. Please hand in your sampling form together with the sample.

Material and contact samples that have to be analyzed microbiologically (mold, wood-destroying fungi) need to be packed in brand new packaging. Every sample needs to be packed separately in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Contact samples should be taken with a 5-8cm and transparent cello tape and glued on clear film or aluminum foil. Do not glue the cello tape together. Otherwise the sample cannot be analyzed anymore. Please pack the samples in an extra bag.

Please make sure that the samples will not be crushed during delivery (esp. wood samples).

Cartons and jiffy bags are suitable packing materials.