NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH - Goerzallee 305e - 14167 Berlin

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Over 20 years, NovaBiotec is working in the field of hazardous substances and pollutants in buildings. This knowledge, we share by giving courses and seminars.

Benefit from our long-term experience and from our practical lecturers. Educate yourself in the broad field of hazardous substances, indoor pollutants and waste management and protect you, employees and building users as well as environment and surroundings.

As a recognized engineering office, we hold officially approved asbestos-courses (according to TRGS 519) and courses regarding man-made mineral fibers (according to TRGS 521).

Moreover we hold seminars for insurance associations, educational centers, organizations and housing associations to topics like pollutants, mold and dry rot, health and safety or waste management.

You Are Interested?

Visit one of our courses or ask for in-house-seminars. All courses and seminars are held in German. For further information, please visit our German site.