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Planning and Estimating Costs

Detailed planning and realistic cost estimations are the base for successful and efficient renovation measures. Technical and contract specifications as well as precise cost calculations can be done in close cooperation with the principal.

We also support the principal with the tender, its vetting (technically and monetary), bidder meetings and contract awarding.

The technical specifications include e.g.:

  • Building Site Facilities (Security Door System, Equipment)
  • Site Logistics (Refurbishment Sectors, Container Areas)
  • Working Techniques (Low-Dust and Low-Emission)
  • Health and Safety Measures (PPE, Vacuum Regulator)
  • Waste Management (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste)
  • Inspection and Approval

About us

Founded in 1997, NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH is the leading engineering office from Berlin that examines real estate on hazardous substances. We support you from the detection of the contaminants to the restoration planning, monitoring and waste disposal.


NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH
Goerzallee 305e, 14167 Berlin

+49 (30) 8 47 18 - 410
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